Implementing a LMS with Moodle for a German SME


The need for a robust learning management system (LMS) to streamline their training programs drove this German SME company specializing in providing operator and supervisor lessons to look for a developer who could deliver a complex, elaborate custom-built LMS to fit their unique requirements.

In talks with Mibeso it became evident that a much simpler solution could be built to satisfy using the pre-existent open-source LMS platform Moodle, ensuring the company will stay within a fixed budget without compromises to their wanted solution, and it increased speed of building and simplified the later maintenance.

Client's Requirements.

The desired LMS was meant to serve comprehensive training in theory and safety to operators of large machine operators hassle-free, taking extra care to respect the industry-specific training needs. Trainers for working platforms, cranes and forklifts should also be trained.

Additionally, it should be built to scale with future expansions so as to render it a robust application.

Engaging Mibeso.

Initially the project was openly advertised online as the creation of a custom developed LMS.

Following a response to the posting, initial discussions with Mibeso concluded that an out-of-the-box solution would not only serve all of the client’s wants for functionality but also turn out far more cost-effective.


The reason for not going with a fully newly built solution was that the client did not have use cases which could not easily be solved by an existing product.

The implementation was carried out through Moodle after workshops were held to determine the exact processes, behaviors and requirements the client’s customers have for the platform-to-be.

The software was tweaked extensively, aligning it both with new needs and usecases from the client, as with the company’s corporate identity, design and CI as finish.

In line with the enterprise’s specifications, the platform is regularly maintained by Mibeso and adapted to evolving customer requirements.

Concrete Results.

The Moodle-based LMS translated into distinct results and longlasting benefits for the German business and it’s customers:

  • Rapid Project Completion
    From concept to implementation the entire project was shipped after just two weeks, enabling an almost immediate launch of the platform.

  • Scalable Solution
    Understanding training requirements shift with time, the platform was built to scale and last. Moreover, the LMS is now being used as white label by a business partner of the German SME.

  • Continued Support
    Mibeso continuously provides ongoing consultations, maintenance and technical aftercare to assure smooth operation throughout the SME’s changing needs.

Client Satisfaction.

Mibeso’s collaboration resulted in great outcomes and subsequent satisfaction expressed by the German SME:

  • Complete Business Integration
    The LMS is seamlessly embedded in the business’ operations, significantly enhancing the deployment experience for both the customer and provider of the training programs.

  • Expanded Usage
    The success of the platform allowed the company to broaden it’s usage and offer options to white-label their solution, further monetizing the system.

  • Seamless UX
    The system was built to ensure their users could simply access, navigate and immersive themselves in the technical training materials.

Client Testimonial.

“The decision to go with Moodle-based CMS/LMS was a game-changer.”

“The entire project was completed in just two weeks, and the LMS has become the backbone of our training programs.”

“The scalability and seamless user experience have allowed us to expand and offer whitelabeling options to other clients, furthering our business prospects.”


Choosing Moodle changed the German SME’s outlook, from a toilsome development process to a fast and affordable deployment without compromises and even unforeseen business possibilities— all while delivering top-notch driving lessons for specialist machine operators.