Enabling a startup to grow by implementing a matching algorithm using Bubble.io


Weitergründer is a marketplace matching potential co-investors, to projects in need of a successor.

After creating a rough foundation for their marketplace with Bubble.io, they quickly wanted to breathe life into the platform. The heart of the company's idea: a specially developed matching algorithm to find the best possible fit between successors (later also co-investors) and current owners, thus making the sale of their company as pleasant as possible for the owners.

This proved to be non-trivial. Implementation required more skilled developers who were both familiar with the technologies already in use and those who could effectively implement the novel algorithm underlying their startup.


Looking for a seamless deployment of this unique selling point, a thorough grasp of it’s inner workings was needed as a requirement for a partner as the success of the marketplace relies on this feature. It was important to find a company that could implement the freshly developed algorithms in a structured way.

Finding a company that spoke German on top of that was imperative for a frictionless process on the way to launch too.

Engaging Mibeso.

Mibeso’s offer and proven expertise with the technologies as one of the few German speaking companies using them convinced the rigorous procurement process by the University of Munich (Technische Universität München).


The original idea was to implement the algorithm using AWS Lamda, the first prototypes had already been developed by the customer and provided as a blueprint. This idea was dropped at the beginning of the development in favor of fewer technology breaks. This way the development could be simplified because Bubble was able to do the job. For later extensions, the possibility to use other technologies (e.g. AWS Lamda) was still kept open to cope with an increasing number of users.

The raw application Weitergründer started out with was overhauled in the following weeks. In iterations directly working with Mibeso, piece-by-piece the algorithm itself was improved upon. Not only were shortcomings in the algorithm corrected, but technical aspects were also revised. The client had new ideas and wishes, and Mibeso contributed expertise in process analysis and design.

The platform was built to ensure it stayed capable of assimilating up-to-date versions of the algorithm into it’s workflow without breaks in operation.

Testing was done after two months, launch followed a month after that.

Concrete Results.

Within ten weeks from offer to launch, the algorithm was operational to contribute to the success of Weitergründer.

  • Improved Marketplace Performance
    The algorithm is helpful in ensuring sellers are connected to the most suitable buyers.
  • Enhanced User Experience
    With the marked increase in matching relevance and efficiency, users’ satisfaction improved,
  • Deeper Platform Understanding
    The team from Weitergründer gained valuable insights into their business model, user behavior and market trends.
  • Iterative Development
    The flexible, iterative development approach ensured adjustments could be made based on customer feedback to best align the marketplace with it’s real users’ needs.

Client evaluation.

Words directly from Weitergründer:

  • “With Mibeso thinking along, we could afford thinking ahead and gain valuable insight into our own business throughout development.”

  • “The development process of our platform taught us lots. Mibeso’s expertise and guidance were instrumental in that.”

  • “Mibeso’s contributions exceeded expectations, leading to a solution more comprehensive than we envisioned.”


Weitergründer received a tailored solution that perfectly aligned with the specific emergent needs of their clients, aiming to claim it’s spot as a leading marketplace for connecting successor projects with aspiring buyers.